The 6th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution belongs to a series of Conferences that have established a major energy platform in the region. The Conference will focus on topics of interest to the Electric Power Industry. It intends to address the vast technological changes in all areas of the electric energy business, products, equipment, methods and so on.

MedPower’08 will provide power engineers and technicians opportunities to be updated on current academic and industry developments, achievements and trends through presentations and open discussions. Presentations will emphasise the regional needs and peculiarities of environmental aspects associated with electric power generation, transmission, distribution systems, energy conversion systems and modern control. Recent experiences in the topics of competitive electric energy market and privatisation of European Utilities will be addressed.
This Conference will significantly benefit engineers and technicians through state-of-the-art presentations by major equipment suppliers and specialists, invited speakers and discussions by international participants.


• Planning and operation of power systems in competitive markets
• Renewable energy sources and storage devices
• Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions
• Distributed generation and microgrids
• Reliability assessment of power systems
• Security assessment and risk analysis
• Intelligent distribution networks
• Power quality
• Energy efficiency
• Electromagnetic transients
• Protection and safety
• Insulation co-ordination
• High voltage engineering
• Illumination techniques
• Control of electric machines and drives
• Telecommunication in power systems
• Biofuel applications


English both for presentation and manuscripts.


The 6th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Greece is a beautiful country with a large variety of landscape in a relatively small area, surrounded by sea studded with numerous and picturesques islands. Thessaloniki, capital of Macedonia, is a beautifull city by the sea (Nymph of Thermaikos), rich in historical sites and monuments from the classical times and the Byzantine era. The temperature in November has a pleasant average daily high of 15oC-20oC.


The Conference will be held in Makedonia Palace, situated in Thessaloniki. The Hotel will provide conference rooms for the technical sessions, exhibition area, smaller rooms for meetings, foyers, and excellent hospitality. English typing, telephones, internet, fax and photocopy services will be also available.


Space consisting of stands or booths has been reserved for exhibits and demonstrations by corporations and businesses specializing in electrical power equipment and software products. Early reservation for exhibit space is recommended. For reservations, contact Conference Secretariat.


Prospective authors are invited to submit previously unpublished papers relevant to conference topics. Author’s instructions will be soon available on the internet. Paper summaries should be submitted to the Conference Secretariat by uploading them onto the Web-site of Conference. Please refer to the deadlines below.


For further information contact:

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Electric Energy Systems Laboratory
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